Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"New" Driveshaft

I was sorting through my parts pile and found two drive shafts.  Both are the flange yoke type and are a few inches too short for my application.   My setup is a Ford 9 inch and new Tremmec T-5 with 26 spline output.  The rear yoke is a 1330 with 3 5/8" width and 1 1/8" caps.   The cap to cap length is about 47".    I looked around locally and found a place that would make a new steel shaft but I was a little skeptical about their quality so I looked online.  I found a few shops that do custom shafts and settled on Denny's Driveshaft.  They had a sale on for $299 for a custom "street rod" shaft with 1330 rear joint so I went for it.  Three weeks later shaft arrived in a well padded box and I quickly unpacked it for installation.   The shaft looked well made and welds look good.  

I have to say I was a little disappointed in the transmission slip yoke that Denny's Driveshaft used.  It appears to be a used yoke that was refurbished.  It has the look of having a lot of pitting or galling still left after being polished down.   Its smooth and groove free so I guess it doesn't really matter but I was expecting all new parts.  
Looking at the site, it doesn't actually say "all new parts" so I guess I cant complain.  I will always ask from now, that's for sure!  Hopefully, the u joints are new. They do feel new and stiff though. 
One positive is that it came with new u bolts. Everything installed well and seems to fit perfectly so I'm happy.

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