Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rear Springs 1

The part tucks into the corner behind the torque box
as seen below

I found some more repair work that I had actually seen before but forgot about.  The drivers side leaf spring mount behind the rear torque box is missing.  I looked around and cant find a replacement piece.  I can get a complete rear torque box/frame rail with that part already welded in and extract the mount to make the repair but spending $130 just for the mount is crazy.  I'll have to fabricate one.  The part I need to make is shown in highlighted in blue.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Floors 2

The passenger area floors are finally done.  I completed the welds on the seat risers and the rear seat brackets.  The 3M floor seam sealer is on and the floors are primed and ready for paint.
The metal repairs are not done yet though. I'm currently in to welding the new floor to gas tank drop-off.  Once that is in, I can complete the seam sealing in the entire rear of the car and get a coat of primer in the trunk.
This muggy weather really sucks!  Its only 71deg but with a dew point of 70deg (thats nearly 100% humidity) and glowing hot metal in my face, I can really only work an hour at a time. I may try an AC in the garage window.

Here is the seam sealer I use.  Its really gummy, stinky stuff but it looks factory.
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Advanced Tool Design Model ATD-8235 Auto Acid Brush - Box of 144Brushable Seam Sealer 3M-08656, 1 Quart