Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pedal Assembly 1

Its been a long time and a lot has been completed.    I decided to get started on the pedals so I could complete the brakes and clutch.  A quick search in my parts pile revealed the original pedal mount with brake pedal in place and it didn't look to be in great shape.   Doing a little research, I found Mustang Steve's bearing kit and a way to install a clutch quadrant.  

The hope was to salvage the original pedal mount and install Mustang Steve's bearings.  Not sure what is supposed to be used for the axle in mount but the axle was just a fat bolt that was tack welded in place and there were no bushings or bearings of any kind.
I cut the all tack welds and cut nut off the end of the bolt.  It looks like the original was badly damaged at some point and washers were welded in to support the brake pedal.  Unfortunately, this mount will not work for what I want to do.  Mustangs Unlimited had a replacement piece so the next day I had my new mount.

The Mustang Steve bearing kit consists of two sealed bearings, bearing mounts, washers, and bushings.   The work started with removal of the stock pot metal bushings that come installed in the new pedal mount.   Next step is to lay the large washers in, centered over the large holes.  The washers get lightly welded to the mount.  Then the clutch pedal, bearings, bearing mounts, bushings, and brake pedal are installed and clamped in.  Being a perfectionist, I took the time to make sure the axle was centered and square in the mount before tack welding the bearing retainers in place.  Next step was to remove the bearings and bushing and pedals and do some minimal weld beads around the bearing retainers.  Light welds are needed as you could warp the retainer rings or the pedal mount.  Once thats done, maybe shoot a little paint and you're done.
Mustang Steve also has the plans and kits for an adapter plate for mounting a later model power brake booster.  This simple plate is simply welded to the front end after the stock mounting ears are cut off.  It gives you a nice way to align and bolt-in the booster without much fuss.   Stay tuned for the clutch pedal quadrant/cable mod.


  1. It looks to me like the pedal support was modified/hacked at some point because there should have been a bushing in there. I installed the Mustang Steve roller bearing in my '66. I haven't driven the car yet, but I hear that it makes a big difference. It'll probably make a bigger difference if your clutch pedal was pivoting on nothing. Here is a link to my post on the install:


  2. I think you're right. There must have been bushings there originally. The car was most recently an automatic so there was no clutch pedal but it didnt come with a drive-train anyway so I couldnt try out the old setup. I have recently driven it a little on the driveway and the pedal actuation feels nice and smooth.
    Your Mustang looks great. Cant wait to get mine to that stage.