Thursday, June 23, 2011

It Runs - Fuel System Part 2

Now, determined to get my Mustang started, I ordered a new in tank pump and a new in tank pickup tube.  Other than the crappy Ron Morris 'Sending Unit' , I had not seen anything that would be plug-n-play with my 65 Mustang fuel tank so I need to make something.  Looking at the online auto part sites, I found a perfect pickup tube from part #FG30B for a 93 Mustang for $89.99 and it even has the fuel pump plug and leads.  Its also has a 3/8" tube.  This 'hangar' is actually a 2 piece unit, held together with 4 screws.  I could also cut and weld if needed.   Next I got a Walbro electric fuel pump part# GSS307, a 255 lph in tank pump.  It comes with a pigtail plug and small hose, clamps, and a strainer.
I started my custom setup by unscrewing the bottom half of the hangar and attaching it flipped around in the opposite direction and the small tabs bent out of the way.  I used 2 #8-32 screws and nylock nuts so the bottom section could swing freely.  The outer cover fits only one way so I had to make sure I could get the angle of the whole assembly correct and match the approximate angle of the original sender unit and still be able to let it flex.  

Next, I installed the pump into the bracket. It is held in place by the strainer and a zip tie. I also added a couple of wide rubber bands to the pump for extra noise isolation.  I also cut off the end of the return line above the elbow since it interfered with the pump.  I then cut the pre-bent hose that came with the pump so that it was just a single curve that was long enough to allow the assembly to flex enough installation. This must be EFI rated fuel hose. I also soldered the wires from the pump to the hanger plug and covered with shrink tube.  The pump bracket is clocked a little from vertical but not enough to be a problem since the bracket flexes toward the bottom.   
To install the new pump unit into the tank, it must be folded a little to fit through the hole then once in the tank, allowed to straighten and drop to the bottom.  The cover plate is exactly the same as the 65 unit so it fits right in. 
The only catch is that it uses a funky connector so I had to order a 93 Mustang fuel sender plug from CJ Pony Parts #HW2606.

With the pump installed and plumbed there's nothing left except to start it up.


  1. Wow, you got it started without the MAF? Once you get all of that stuff on, post another video. Progress is nice huh? :-)

  2. It was also running without the O2 sensors but they are for closed loop operation anyway. I think the ecu can still use the throttle position sensor when the MAF is missing or dead. Runs well enough to get you home in theory.
    That stuff is all hooked up now and it purrs like a kitten (a kitten with a lopey cam).
    Progress is great! Though I haven't worked on it much over the past few months except for modifying the rad support for the new thick radiator -- the factory rad had more holes than a sponge and had to be replaced.
    New videos are coming soon.

  3. Hi great idea using late model sending unit! Did you find a way to use a float for fuel gauge?

    Thank you,


    1. Jim,
      No float yet. I have a 65 gauge sender that i can attach to the EFI bracket but I cant figure out how to get the wire out through the plate without causing a leak.
      Another option is buying a new 65 tank and welding in a top mount for a stock 93 float sensor.
      If I can come up with a gauge wire pass-thru that wont leak, I will just attach to the EFI bracket.

    2. Barrett,

      Thanks for the update. Jim.