Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shocking Wiring and Fuel Fouled Up

I'v gotten a lot of engine compartment work completed.  The power wiring is nearly complete and I just need to get the looms in and tidy up a little.   The battery is located in the right side of the trunk and the power is routed to the front using a Moroso 2Ga cable passing over the right side wheel house, along the edge of the floor and through a grommet  in the fire wall then along the frame rail to the former battery location. The cable connects to a lug on the starter solenoid and every thing that needs 12v is connected to that same lug. The engine and starter are grounded to the body via a short 1Ga wire I got from my brother-in-law.

The new fuel system is composed of 3/8 steel tubing, an in-line fuel pump, and a fuel filter.  The fuel pump is Professional Products 220 LPH EFI fuel pump #70151.   I also have a new Ron Morris efi conversion pickup tube and sender for the 65's tank.   
I hand bent the feed and return lines and connected them to the filter and pump, then connected the pump to the tank with efi fuel hose.   The front side connections were through another efi fuel hose to a spring lock fitting to the stock fuel rail.   I then wired the pump to the pink wire from the RJM wiring harness for power and a short wire to body ground.   To prime the system, I jumpered the eec test connector which switches the relay on.  Hmmm, pump is running but no fuel is coming out of the hose at the rail.  After some trouble shooting, it turns out that the Professional Products pump cannot pull the fuel up and out of the tank, even though the pump is a little below the tank.   I think I will need a normal in-tank pump -- even a stock pump will work.  Stock was fine for my old 300+ hp blown set up so it should be fine here. ..To be continued...
A note about the Ron Morris pickup tube.  During installation, the return fuel line tube fell out in my hand.  It seems that the soldering was really bad and probably would have leaked all over if it hadn't fallen out.  Should have returned it but I just tried to sand the pipe for soldering with enough solder to hold it tight and seal it -- but that didn't hold.  Bottom line : DO NOT BUY A RON MORRIS RMP 9112 SENDING UNIT !!! THE TUBES WILL FALL OUT AND IT WILL LEAK FUEL. IF YOU HAVE ONE SEND IT BACK TO CHINA.


  1. How did you get the fuel pump and tank level sender on the same bracket?

    Any issues with a low fuel level?

    1. I didnt. The plan is to add a sending unit like an 87-97 mustang uses. Just have to figure out some sort of top mount for it. In the mean time, I have to make sure the tank is full before long trips.
      There will be starvation problems when the level is low since there are no baffles so I may just buy a conversion tank that has baffles and a place to mount the sender.
      Incidentally, I did have problems in my old 93 fox when the tank was low. Under hard acceleration the engine would stop- it felt like hitting a brick wall. Not what you want with a supercharger.