Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Out of the stable

The weekend's weather was nice enough to do some work outside so I thought I'd give this 65 Mustang some fresh air.  I managed to accomplish some work too.  The old door mechanicals were removed and will be residing in their new doors soon. The doors I had are just too far gone to warrant repairs.  The interior side on one door is rusted out and slathered with Bondo (not a good look) and the other door also rusted out and is bent where the hinge mounts are -- looks like its Ivy Green donor was in an accident. Incidentally, mine was originally Silver Blue
The picture shows what the ride height will be like at the front end. Pretty low already and the engine is not even installed yet. The coilovers are pretty stiff. Also, with the 96 Mustang 17" Cobra wheels mounted, theres not a whole lot of clearance but there is no contact without rolling the fenders. The tires are 245 45 17 in case you're wondering.
Kinda looks like crazy old-school rake is going on (not my taste) but its just that the rear has new springs and it sits really high with only the 100 pounds weight on it. 
The engine and T-5 transmission go in next.

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