Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tail light panel and quarter welding

With the quarter panels in place, I can now button up the rest of the back end metal.  These are the remaining welds for the trunk dropoffs and tail light panel.
I installed the trunk lid to make sure everything still lined up before welding.

Everything still lines up and its starting to look like a car again.


  1. In many cases, pressure and / or filler material is used to aid in the fusion process.jake

    1. Yeah. I did have to do some extra clamping and temporary sheet metal screws. One Taiwan repro quarter panel did not cooperate so i had to use a ratchet strap to pull things together.
      In another place I had to section part of a new panel and fill with steel. Thats a huge down-side of cheap reproduction panels.

  2. This website is a whipping movement and every one of that implies doing a reversal and forward with the terminal while welding

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